Holi “Festival of colors” resembles life that has all colors and it represents victory over evil forces. Getting back to the story as per Indian history, Krishna felt jealous and complained about the injustice of nature of having different complexions and especially Radha his soulmate is fair and he is dark skinned. Yashoda in order to placate her child asked Krishna to change radha’s face according to his choice by applying color to her face.

This idea implemented by Krishna satisfied his wish and it became a tradition of coloring their mates thus turning into expression of love. Even now after marriage many people follow the ritual of holi after marriage with turmeric mixed in water. So this is not only a fun festival but within depth meaning.

Another story is about Hiranyakashyap(Demon) son prahlad and sister Holika, that is hiranyakashyap asks a wish that he can’t be killed inside or outside,by human or animal,day or light and he asked that he should be worshipped as god. But Prahlad his son worships Lord Vishnu, this makes his father angry and he tries to kill him with different strategies but prahlad is saved by his chanting of “Narayana” mantram. At last Hiranyakashyap tries with his sister Holika as she has a special power that fire can’t burn her.So Prahlad is made to sit along with her in fire but finally she dies as the special power is fulfilled only when she is alone.

Holi is also celebrated on the note of Shiva killing manmadha.These are the three auspicious things that resemble good winning over evil that made to celebrate holi occasion.

Natural colors that can be made for Holi without chemicals

Turmeric: Turmeric can be mixed in water in a desired ratio to get yellow color.

Red: Boil two glasses of water along with 10 to 15 roses for 15mins, strain after the water absorbs the color of petals.

Orange: Boil water with marigold flowers and strain after color absorption.

Purple: Boil blue cabbage in water and strain after color absorption.

Like that you can go for carrots and green leaves to make desired colors, take three to four teaspoons of arrowroot powder that is available in many online sites and mix them with the liquids that are made with natural vegetables and flowers. Add ¼ teaspoon of talcum powder, then sundry the liquid in plates and after drying you can grind it to make it into powder form.

You may buy the colors that are available in the market and it seems just a one day fun but the chemicals are not good for hair and skin. So it is better to opt for natural colors or you can buy organic colors that are available in the market.

Holi symbolizes Unity

This day people celebrate holi by smearing colors on their loved ones that symbolizes unity and demolishing all the odds and negativity with a positivity.

Special Dishes on Holi

Most popular drink on Holi is Thandai, which is an integral part. Rasgullas and Gujiya are popular sweets that are made on this day along with Gol gappas or puchkas,dal kachori,Papri chat as snacks.