A new case has been registered in hyderabad on CoronaVirus, a techie from bangalore aged 24 years arrived in hyderabad by bus and the co passengers and those he interacted with are put under observation.

CoronaVirus Is Spreading

The tests that are conducted by Gandhi Hospital in hyderabad were positive and 80 people were now put under observation. CoronaVirus has infected 89,000 people and 3,000 people died.The one now is infected with Covid-29 or CoronaVirus is a techie from Bangalore and he is only 24 years,Out of two new cases this guy is infected and tests were positive.

Three students in kerala had got positive results but they were happily discharged after treatment.As CoronaVirus is Spreading people should be aware of certain preventive measures like staying home while sick,avoiding contact with those that are sick and staying hygiene.

Telangana health minister Etela Ranjender said that the techie had stayed in Mahendra Hills in hyderabad and was admitted to Apollo, later on he was admitted in Gandhi hospital where the test results were positive.

After that a lab report from Pune also confirmed that he is infected with CoronaVirus.As a preventive measure those who interacted like their family, colleagues,doctors,bus passengers were also kept under observation for symptoms of the Virus.

Health minister Ranjendar said that the government is prepared to deal with threats by taking certain measures,the details of his company and the bus he travelled were also shared with our counterparts in Karnataka by the Telangana government.

Covid -19 first started in china slowly spread to 65 countries.According to a research 89,000 cases were noted globally with majority in china.There is no proper medicine or vaccine or any treatment for Covid-19.