India’s financial year completes with March month and new financial year starts with April month. Money related transactions and bank related account settlements should completed at end of financial years.

Bank customers should be careful and aware of bank working days and hours in march month. If anyone have any work with banks in march month be prepare you plan early, otherwise your works will not complete in March month.

As per recent reports March month has lot of holidays for bank like January. Already Bank union strike is going on due to this strike another 3 days banks are not available. please find below list for Banks holidays list March 2020.

March 2020 Banks Holidays List

March 1st,8th,10th,11th,12th,13th,14th,15th,22nd,25th,28th and 29th are holidays for banks. Total 12 holidays in March month for banks.

Month and DateBank Holiday Reason
March 1st 2020Banks holiday due to Sunday.
March 8th 2020 Banks holiday due to Sunday.
March 10th 2020Banks holiday due to holi festival.
March 11th 2020Bank union strike.
March 12th 2020Bank union strike.
March 13th 2020Bank Union strike.
March 14th 2020 Banks holiday due to second Saturday.
March 15th 2020 Banks holiday due to Sunday.
March 22nd 2020 Banks holiday due to Sunday.
March 25th 2020 Bank public holiday due to Ugadi festival.
March 29th 2020 Banks holiday due to Sunday.

Above are the list of bank holidays in March 2020 including Saturdays,second Saturdays,Sundays and bank union strike. March 10th to March 15th continuously 6 days holidays for banks. So dear bank customers try to complete your bank works as soon as possible.